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The young, but dynamic brand was created at the beginning of 2020 with the aim of bringing something to the Slovak market that can say for sure – made in Slovakia. We emphasize quality, cut and details.

Our products may not be so different in design from the market, but high quality without a doubt. Therefore, standing up for anything is not easy, but not impossible. That is why we present you products that were made in Slovakia, in the heart of Europe, from the first thread to the last detail.

Each fabric from which NAMUR brand products are made has been woven to measure according to the individual requirements of the given model. The colors are mixed as desired, the cuts reworked to the smallest detail and we also care about the overall effect after receiving the shipment.

The idea to start her own brand was no stranger to the owner Bianka Rumanová. Desire as well as lust grew over time. That is why the NAMUR brand is made up not only of quality, but first and foremost the heart.

We believe that you will wear pieces from the NAMUR editions with pride.